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From market research to making sales. We provide flexible support according to your needs, from spot consulting to one-stop sales support. Wide range of services from market research, strategy design, PoC implementation, sales, marketing and customer success.

New Business Development

Business feasibility assessment, business plan development, project planning and research for commercialization. We can also provide support using design thinking and lean startup methods cultivated in Silicon Valley. We also provide support for on-site research and exhibitions to the U.S. Mainly, scouting for technology startups in the U.S. and Europe, collaborative creation with client companies, strategic compatibility studies and alliance negotiations.

Back Office

We can provide support for creating presentation materials that can be understood in your target countries, mentoring in methodology, overseas customer support, operation of customer success centers, UI/UX design support for C services and more. If you have any problems, you can count on us. Are you able to create materials that are easily understood in Japanese or English-speaking countries? We do not simply translate, but create materials with expressions and structures that are easily understood by native speakers overseas, and with sophisticated designs.

Global Human Resources

○ Support for overseas entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and expand into Japan.
We provide support for startup visa programs and a wide range of case studies to help entrepreneurs establish their businesses in Japan. We are also building connections with many overseas entrepreneurs and working to create a system of mutual support.

○Consultation on hiring global human resources.
Together with our global network, we also provide consultation on recruitment of professionals in various fields, recruitment plans and practices, together with our partners.


We are a service agency for software, IoT hardware, and other services in Japan.

【Products handled】
○ Gather (adopted as a reseller program partner from LocalSquare, an official partner of Gather Town Japan)

○ Juize | Shareable and recyclable phone chargers from Los Angeles

Partner and Distributor Search

We build relationships with domestic and international sales partners and distributors that meet your company's needs.

Event Organization and Management

We can organize events including those for startups and ecosystem stakeholders.